LuqaPay Crypto offers seamless and secure payment options globally.

Pay in from Crypto to Fiat and Pay out from Fiat to Crypto

Easy implementation through unified API

Experience secure, fast, and seamless transaction journey

Extend your business globally and accept payments from all around the world

Payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and major digital currencies.

Crypto Pay

All transactions are automatic, guaranteed with no chargebacks. With Crypto Pay, transactions reflect in less than an hour since we only require 1 confirmation from the blockchain instead of 6. We also fix the price for 30 minutes until the crypto amount has been received and instantly converts the crypto or fiat currency, shielding you from any volatility risk inside the platform.

How it works?
How it works?

Jet Crypto Wallet

No over or under-payments and timeouts. We create a dedicated wallet address for you to use and share with your users to deposit funds via their own crypto wallet. Once the transaction is received, the crypto amount is converted to fiat and credited into the player’s account.

Crypto Withdraw

With this method you can request your fiat or crypto balances as a withdraw with an API to your crypto wallet address. No bank transfer fee, or complicated approval process. Our team help your with your withdraw delivered within 24 hours.

How it works?

Our platform works with all crypto wallets available on the market

Why choose LuqaPay Crypto Solutions?

Transaction Info Monitoring

You will be provided with an account to check and monitor your real-time transactions with the exchange rate and downloadable reports.

Easy Integration

You can easily setup the payment page and get it running immediately with our easy and simple API.

Flexible Settlement

With our flexible settlement option, you can choose to receive your settlement either in fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

User-friendly Interface

With our user-friendly payment page, we ensure that customers will have a convenient means of paying which will cut down uncompleted transaction and maximize your conversion rates.

No Chargebacks

Crypto payments are irreversible by design; this means that the money you received will not be charged back.

Competitive Rates

With Luqapay, you can accept crypto payments with lower rate and there are no setup, monthly or support fees.